Product Reviews

My Erotic World

Every morning  as I walk into the Sexual Health Centre , my Turkish chandeliers welcome me, my soft carpet holds my heels and the subtle floral smells of candles and flowers delight my sense of smell. I glide into the Sexual Health Store , and smile with joy . It is such a happy place.  Professional, elegant and  filled with colourful high quality  products that I have, with great deliberation, chosen to  take people on a journey of delight, healing and arousal. Let's begin with the lingerie  . Tell me you wold not feel completely gorgeous and confident wearing this ruffle dress that... Read more

Sqweel for joy

Oral sex toys are the new kids on the block. Sensible I think you would agree. Considering oral sex  focuses on stimulating  the clitoral region, it makes sense to have a range of toys that replicate a form of oral sex. Enter SQWEEL.  I first encountered SQWEEL years ago and brought it into the shop. It revolutionised orgasms. Move on a few years add in advanced technology and we have SQWEEL 2 . A silicone wheel with 10 lapping tongues and 3 reversible speeds- seriously! People love it ! I love it! You'll love it ! Watch this You Tube to know why you will love it. A brand new Sqweel... Read more

Happy Fathers Day

I can't imagine  many Dads will be receiving an anal vibrator on his Sunday morning breakfast tray. What a pity! According to latest research finding from www.ashley madison.com  , men want anal sex. And of course blow jobs. Let me help you with both, Dads. And Moms/Dads, gift your partner with something that research proves they want .. a little bit of sexual pleasure for Father's Day. My favourite #101 anal toy for beginners and for curious people is the Bootie . A simple anal plug, high quality toy that can be used alone or during partner play. its elegant and discreet and will give... Read more

Men's Health Month

Men are notoriously bad at seeking health care. Is is the stereotype of the "strong "man that inhibits them from walking into a clinic or doctors consulting rooms and saying : "I feel ill"? Imagine how much worse it is for a man who subscribes to  these notions of patriarchy to say to his health care provider "I can't get an erection?" Or "I have no interest in being sexual with my partner?" June is Men's Health Month. You can't separate your sexual health from your overall health. After all if you have an erectile failure, it may well be an indication of a lifestyle disorder such as... Read more

Toys to treat sexual dysfunction

I am doing a series of lectures  around the country on Diabetes  and Sexual Heath  for the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Diabetes is a chronic disease with a disturbing prevalence globally. South Africans are hard hit by this chronic disease  which leads to increased risk of cardio vascular disease,  low testosterone ,depression and yes, sexual dysfunction. High rates of sexual dysfunction in men and even higher in women. Men can seek medical treatment for their inevitable  erectile dysfunctions whilst women suffer more in seeking solutions for their inevitable  dry vaginas and loss... Read more

My favourite Clitoral Toys

Here is the clitoral complex. From this excellent educational  video of the vulva you can see where the clitoris is located. In order to maximise on a sex toy, you need to know your female anatomy well. Else you will throw the toy in the recycling bin or say it doesn't work. You may think I  tend to exaggerate the importance of the clitoris. Its intentional. I grow weary and hopeless discovering how many women and men have no idea where the clitoris is. The implications are so awful: men wanting many many pressurised  extended minutes of thrusting inside a vagina that throbs but does not... Read more

Teach Sex to your Man

I am taking a jump into my confidence in you as a woman > Im going to assume you know your own sexuality, that you are confident with your body and know how to masturbate to orgasm. And that your only obstacle to your sexual satisfaction is teaching your man about your sexuality. Awkward, I know. So without denigrating the imperativeness of communication , I say let's jump into toys to do the talking for you. Rule one : always use the toy alone before bringing it into the bedroom. You want to be confident and fumbling will get him insecure and questioning the role of his penis.. you... Read more

Vavoom into 2014

Come now, 'fess up, did you have a sexually satisfying holiday season? Perhaps you fell in love with your partner or someone else's partner- time together will do that. Maybe you missed your online lover and had no privacy to masturbate. You might have practiced unsafe sex and are now waiting for AIDS/HIV/STI blood test results. Or a pregnancy test result. I have a few suggestions to get you back in the saddle , so to speak. Ive put all the Adult Movies on sale because I want you to begin 2014 sexually confident and skilled - to have a conversation with a partner about the sex you want.... Read more

Xmas Gifts

Sneak it in. Wrap it in Father Xmas paper. Make it look innocent. You know a gift of a sex toy is what will most amuse, entertain and provide benefit to you, your friends and family. We're talking about the right to sexual health and pleasure. Come now, crack open the rigid rules that constrict you. Sex toys will embolden you. Here are my suggestions to guide you in your purchasing of an appropriate toy for the people in your life. Only for adults over age 18 is my first rule. Second rule: if you feel uncomfortable using a toy, let the toy lie at the back of your cupboard until one day... Read more

Festive Sex Toys

My eyes sweep my Shop. I feel greedy, not sure where I would begin and how I could leave any cash over for Xmas baubles and turkey. It truly is a banger of a Xmas season for us. I have brought in the top quality toys from top brands such as Lelo, Rocks Off and the best of the best, We Vibe 4. For me there is a method to this sex toy madness. Each toy and product represents a stage of sexuality. Knowing arousal is sometimes slow, especially for women, I hit on the porn. Artroctica is making me crazy right now: streaming images of chunky jewels around the neck, red lips, high heels and... Read more